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Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is a proactive approach to teaching behavioral expectations and creating a climate where positive and appropriate behavior is seen as normal. As part of their PBIS framework, many schools adopt an incentive program. A PBIS incentive program uses token rewards to encourage students to act responsibly in all areas of school life. Most PBIS incentive programs within the school setting are do-it-yourself affairs, with teachers and administrators issuing points via paper tickets and students redeeming these tickets for rewards.

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Each month teachers select a student from their class who consistently follows one of the PBIS expectations: responsibility, respect, and safety.  Students are recognized with a certificate and acknowledged in front of their peers as being good role models.  

Eagle Bucks

Eagle Bucks help us to identify, teach, model, and reinforce desired behaviors.  If students are "caught" engaging in desired behaviors, they are recognized with Eagle Bucks.  Students accumulate and keep track of these until they are redeemed at our school store.  Shopping days are scheduled monthly.  A variety of items are available for students to purchase including toys, food, posters, and even special lunch dates.  

How you can get involved as a parent:

Use the PBIS expectations in your home.

Make sure your children come to school on time.

Remind your children regularly about school expectations.

Ask your child daily if he/she followed rules.

Ask your child regularly if he/she received any Eagle Bucks.  Can your child tell you what they were for?